The latest stage of the Digital Diaries campaign examines how important it can be to represent yourself well online. The research indicates that the information on your social network profiles can play a big part in getting, or missing out on a job.

In our Digital Diaries study, all of the HR professionals actively research candidates online. A quick look at our video and you can see just how easy it would be to start off on the wrong foot.


So we asked some of our AVG Community Award Winners what steps they take to ensure that their profiles aren’t pulling the plug on their online job hunt and here are the Top Three:


Do a self audit to find out what is already out there:

“Quickly scan through your photos and un-tag yourself in any pictures that you feel could reduce your university or employment prospects such as photos with excessive alcohol” Matthew Simm


Check your privacy settings to see what you are really sharing:

“It’s also important to keep your privacy settings up to date. Some people may like to put their profile in public but they will need to watch out what they say, and things they upload on their profile, especially if they call in sick and went elsewhere or updated their status when they were supposed to be working” Steve Siu


Think about whom you are connecting with, maybe connecting with colleagues or bosses isn’t such a great idea.

“Beware who you add to friends lists as this could undo all the tight security you may have set, “thinking” that you were safe in your own little blog world…only to realize your shared details ended up on the boss’s, or potential boss’s wall!” Dean Davies


What have you done to make your Facebook or Twitter profiles embarrassment free? Come and share your tips and join in the conversation on our Facebook Community.