For techies like me, a trip to CES is like going to Disneyland or watching Spielberg’s E.T. for the first time all over again. This year’s show floor buzzed with the same wonder and amazement, offering up everything from the latest in 3D-TV and car audio to a plethora of new eco-friendly gadgets.

In the auto department, sleek teched-out cars like the Pioneer Maserati and Sony’s Audio R8 were waiting to bring you the Black Eyed Peas like you’ve never heard them before on the very latest in A/V. But for me, it’s still all about the ride, which is why I really enjoyed checking out the Ducati displayed with its iSkin collection.

One of the coolest gadgets I came across was the Swiss Army knife with 1 terabyte USB drive, though I’m always concerned by the security risks posed by mobile storage devices that, in my opinion, simply hold too much.

While new tablets and Android mobile phones seemed to play second fiddle to those that took center stage last year, I was impressed in spite of myself by how well the sleek, ultra-light Ultrabooks and folding laptops managed to blur the line between tablet and traditional laptop. And the touchscreen capabilities of Windows 8 brought apps to life like never before.

But if one product were to stop me dead in my tracks, as a dad, it would have to be the GeoPalz pedometer that awards kids based on how active they are with online books, music and games. If there’s a better way to get hyper plugged-in kids to grab some fresh air, I haven’t seen it.

Get a video gimpse of CES 2012 right from the show floor here:



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