Summer is here, weekend barbecue are the routine and your recipe for margaritas is down pat. Could it be possible you’re bored and day dreaming about maybe, one day starting your own business. I say Go for it! I have started four businesses and I know you will get lots of advice during this process from family and friends.  So, here is a simple guide to must have technology once that critical go forward decision is made…

STEP One: Once you pick a name of the business you need to make sure you can get the URL. Find a legitimate domain name registrar (an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names.) and lock it in. The top three in the world currently are godaddy, ENOM  and Network Solutions . The main item to compare is fee per year or three year period. And I recommend going into this process with more than one name option.

STEP Two: Build your on line storefront with either your domain registrar or a company such as iPage, or even Google Sites. When comparing the options, and there are many, I believe the most critical items to consider are ease to build, marketing tools, number of free email accounts and eCommerce fees. The eCommerce fees/cost per order or credit card will add up so be diligent on selecting the partner with the best deal for you.

STEP Three: Get the word out by using your marketing tools in the storefront and also by creating a blog relevant to both your business and your customers. When selecting one the items I consider are: price of the blogging platform, ease of use, stability, flexibility and a mobile friendly platform for both the reader and the creator. The current top four blogging platforms are : wordpress , SquareSpace , and Tumblr  .

In the past, I have gone through the steps above and had a functional domain, web site and blog up and going in a long afternoon. The show stopper for me has always been photography and name of the business. Be flexible and have options for your company name. Most of the “original ones” are sadly taken.

So, go forth, explore your potential, have fun and stay safe. Keep your computer protected while you are creating all this magic with AVG Internet Security and your machine running fast and in peak performance .