I have seen a number of articles over the recent weeks discussing the pros and cons of browser toolbars. Because of this, I’d like to outline AVG’s ethics and standards on this matter – specifically with regard to the level of choice users have.AVG believes informed choice is paramount, which is why we always give you options when it comes to installation, de-installation, default search and home page. You can select all, some or none of the features, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Of course we understand many of you fly through the installation process without reading the screens. So the question becomes how to remove it if it wasn’t wanted. This is where AVG differs from many other toolbar providers. We offer several simple removal options:

The first is actually located on the toolbar itself. The second and more traditional method is via the computer’s “add or remove programs” menu. And third, there is a downloadable program that will remove it. Removing the AVG Secure Toolbar using one of these methods is far more effective than using someone else’s removal tool because we know where all the parts of our software are installed.

Now let’s discuss why you should keep and actively use AVG’s Secure Search tools. We offer:

-         Clear safety ratings for each link in your search results, allowing you to instantly assess the safety of every site you’d like to visit. Infected sites are marked so you immediately know which ones to avoid.

-         Unique, preventative, real-time protection while you search and surf. As soon as you start browsing a Web page that is infected and that AVG has rated ‘Dangerous,’ AVG Secure Search warns you and prevents the page from opening. It’s as simple as that. AVG Secure Search always protects you when you enter a Web address directly into your browser, when you click links on search engines or social networking sites, and anytime a program or application opens your Web browser on its own.

-          AVG Do Not Track, to bring the control over your privacy back to you. This feature helps you identify and block ad networks, social buttons and Web analytics that potentially track your activity. In addition, you can choose to notify those websites about your preference not to be tracked.

As you can see, there are some real benefits in AVG Secure Search that will help keep you safe while adventuring in the online world. Our recommendation is that you allow us to protect you by using these tools. Regardless, remember it’s your choice and we provide you everything necessary to make that choice either during or after installation.