If your house is anything like mine then it is quickly filling up with various electronic devices that allow your family to enjoy being connected to the Internet from every device in every room. It started with PCs, phones and laptops. Now we’ve got tablets, connected TVs and games consoles and it only looks set to continue with wearables, connected cars, and even fridges are in development.

The trouble is, devices need to be set up, configured and secured so my family can enjoy being connected all the time. Sadly, there are not enough hours in the day for me to keep up to date with the status of all the devices, the data being stored on them or the protection of the people using them.

In real terms this means that my time is spent reactively dealing with technology issues when they happen rather than proactively knowing and controlling the status of my family’s connected life in real-time.

This week AVG is releasing our new product AVG Zen™, which will let me monitor my family’s devices in one place. Initially available on PC and Android, AVG Zen shows me the status of the AVG protection, performance and privacy products that are installed.

If for example my son switches off the firewall on his PC to speed up gaming (which doesn’t, but try telling that to teens!) then AVG Zen will alert me to the potential threat. I can then act accordingly.

AVG Zen doesn’t just allow me to monitor the devices in my direct household but any PC or Android device in the world. All it takes is a quick invite. I can even use AVG Zen to keep an eye on my parents back in the UK and make sure that their devices are safe and secure.

Hover over the image below to learn how AVG Zen can help families get the most out of the web


As the number of devices in my household continues to grow, I can rest easy knowing that I can monitor them from one place using AVG Zen.

Whether the future holds connected cars, fridges, houseplants or vacuum cleaners, I know that my family will need me to keep them safe and today AVG Zen allows me to do this in for my Windows and Android devices. Looking to the future I hope this will extend to all my connected things and enable me to simplify my families connected lifestyle.

Download AVG Zen today and get back to enjoying the connected devices in your home.

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