Smartphones are great, but after consistent use, many people find that they run slowly, their battery life deteriorates and that’s not to mention flicking through page upon page of apps (most of which you don’t use any more!)

If you have an Android device that suffers from any or all of these smartphone symptoms, help is at hand. AVG has come up with a great new app that will save you from using data without knowing it and helps you clean up your smartphone at the same time.

AVG Uninstaller helps you:

  • Free up device memory which will make your phone run faster
  • Improve battery life by disabling unwanted apps
  • Reduce data costs by showing you exactly which apps are using the most data
  • Manage all of the apps on your device, showing you how much space they use, when you last used them, and letting you bulk delete apps which you no longer want.

Check out my video below where I show you how to get the most out of this powerful tool.

Download it for FREE today and spring clean your Android smartphone or tablet.