Installation or upgrade fails
In some cases AVG installations or upgrades may not fully complete. If this happens to you, please click Go online to learn about this issue in the AVG installation error dialogue which will show specific instructions, if available.

If instructions are not available yet, please go to the article What to do when AVG installation fails. We also recommend running a Custom Installation and deselecting all available components so that only core AVG components are installed. Additional components can be added later if the installation is successful.


AVG PC TuneUp trial has expired

Once the AVG PC TuneUp trial expires, you will receive the “Keep your PC in tip-top condition – always!; Your trial period has expired!” pop-up (the wording may vary).

Please follow the What to do when your AVG PC TuneUp trial expires article to stop this pop-up.


Rootkits detected after upgrade

Recently, after upgrading to AVG 2014, a few AVG users have reported unknown rootkit infections on files such as atapi.sys, pci.sys, ntfs.sys or spqr.sys (name may vary).

This has been fixed in the latest version of AVG 2014.0.4158. Please update your AVG and STPD driver (this driver is used by virtual drives as well as applications pre-installed by computer manufacturers such as Acer, Asus etc) to prevent possible false detections and compatibility issues.
However we also recommend thoroughly checking your system with AVG. For more information about rootkits and how to remove them, visit the following articles:
What is a rootkit?
How to deal with rootkits?


VProtect Application

Please note that the vprot.exe (VProtect Application) process is legitimate part of the AVG toolbar. We have prepared the What is VProtect Application and vprot.exe article where you can find more information and instructions how to fix common issues.


My computer is infected

Many users are asking us how to proceed when they suspect that their computer has become infected. We have summarized the general procedure in the What to do when your AVG detects a virus article. In case AVG is not installed on the system, we recommend going through the How to install AVG on an infected computer article.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.