iTunes or iCloud is not working

We have received reports that iTunes and iCloud may not be connecting to the internet after AVG Family Safety has been installed. We have found the cause of this issue and prepared a fix. Please follow this article to re-gain internet access for your iTunes or iCloud.


Removed device from AVG Remote Management

Some of you are asking us what to do after accidentally removing device from AVG Remote Management. We would like to let you know that unfortunately removing a device is a permanent process and cannot be reverted (e.g. when device is lost). To unregister a device device go to AVG for Android >> Anti-Theft >> Menu (Options) >> Un-register and then register your device again.


AVG needs to be updated

Some of you may receive a pop-up that saying that AVG needs to be updated.

This pop-up is legitimate and relates to the latest AVG 2013 Service Pack 1 update. It may be also displayed to those who are still using  previous versions of AVG. We highlight recommend installing this update. However, if you did not receive this popup and would like to update to the latest version of AVG, you can simply download the latest installation file and run Repair installation to get it installed.


Windows 8.1 compatibility
The Windows 8.1 Preview version was released few days ago and we are pleased to announce that AVG 2013 is compatible with Windows 8.1. However you may receive the Program Compatibility Assistant warning in rare cases.

We are still investigating cause of this issue. However it is possible to download and install beta version of AVG 2014 temporarily if you face this issue.


AVG Toolbar and Secure Search configuration

If you want to remove the AVG Secure Search and/or AVG Toolbar and associated browser changes, please follow the How to remove AVG Toolbar, homepage and Secure Search from your browser article where you can find detailed instructions.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or need help resolving them, please contact AVG customer care experts.