We asked our AVG Facebook Community whether the device they are using affects the complexity and length of the passwords they use. We received a host of responses, some of which might just surprise you.


“Touchscreens like on my iPod make it harder to make a complex password work well. When I had to redo my router a while back I went ahead and changed the password code to secure it. It’s a pain to redo those passwords on my iPod or BlackBerry.”  Cynthia C.


“I always try to use different and complex passwords; I do not want to get hacked too easy :)” Barry E.


“For me it really depends on the site/location. Facebook for example would have a longer password than an intranet login (DET for me). Simply because no one would bother hacking a small school-based intranet when there’s Facebook around.”  Jaiden C.


“Nope, I always use a password with at least 8 characters, of which at least 1 number and 1 capital letter.”  Masa H.


“I hate having to change my passwords numerous times. Length is not so much of a factor as constantly having to change.” Dennis G.


“I used to use simple passwords on my phones and long difficult one on my pc’s but these days with the advent of full integration of smart devices I am tending towards the same types of passwords for both.” Russel M.


“I choose passwords depending on the importance of the service/device. I use different email addresses for different purposes, I have an address which I use for social network at yahoo and one at hotmail for browser games, both have a passwords with a combination of 6 letters and numbers. My main addresses at Google and web.de have both a length of 9, and so on…” Guido E.


“ I had to change ma password since I bought a new phone because I have to type my password every time I log into Facebook I miss my old phone that on always keep me sign in now I have a short password :)” Saul R.


“The device doesn’t change what I use for passwords but it does make entering the long complex passwords that I use much more difficult to enter on some devices, like my XBOX 360 and my Boxee Box. Complex passwords are also a problem when setting up my wife’s equipment and accounts.” Clark F


As the community has highlighted, it can be easier to cut corners when setting passwords on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets but it’s important to be vigilant and maintain password strength across any device.


Here are some basic guidelines to using some strong passwords:

  • Length is key: The longer your password, the harder it is to hack using brute force methods.
  • Mix it up: Throw some symbols in there, and don’t be afraid to make up words!
  • Don’t get personal: Don’t use personal data such as your mother’s maiden name for your passwords. Should your information fall into the wrong hands, it could cause further complications.


What about you? Do you use different password complexity depending on the device? Let us know here on the blog or join in the discussion with our Facebook Community.