Trading without bordersAs you might imagine, AVG does quite a bit of research to understand the needs of consumers and small businesses so that we can deliver the kinds of products and services that they want and need.  Today, we are sharing some of that research with you in the form of an interactive infographic we compiled called “Trading without Borders:  An AVG small business guide to online markets around the world.”

Check it out at on  It’s interactive, so you can click on one of 19 countries on the map and get some insight about the online preferences of customers in that region.   We hope this information will be helpful to small businesses that are thinking about marketing their products and services globally.  Social media and internet tools that may be popular in one region may not be so prevalent in another.

One of the things you’ll discover is that despite the huge popularity of mobile devices, most internet pages are still overwhelmingly viewed through desktop computers – except in India, where 55% of online usage goes through mobile devices.

Maybe that’s not as surprising as it seems: People perceive there are more security issues around privacy and data (personal and financial) on mobile devices than there are on desktop computers.

The trend toward BYOD adoption adds a layer of security and management challenges for businesses – especially SMBs. These are among the key reasons why AVG is putting emphasis on our own development efforts into better security for mobile devices.

Other insights you’ll find in the Trading without Borders infographic:


  • Facebook is not the leading social media outlet in China, Russia, South Korea and Japan.


  • Baidu is the search market leader in China. Google leads in search in Russia by a slim margin.


  • South Korea and Japan have the fastest average download speeds, with South Africa and India having the slowest.

We hope you’ll find this information useful – and stay tuned.  We’ll continue to share more research with you on many other topics in the coming months.