It wasn’t very long ago, perhaps just a couple of years back, when businesses regarded social media streams in their many forms as nothing more than the pointless meandering of geeky kids.

But things changed. Mainstream TV programs started offering social media interaction opportunities and big brands from coffee shops to IT conglomerates built themselves a “social presence” diversified down to embody individual product lines and/or different company services.

While there are innumerable online lists analyzing the “how to use social media for your business” factor, here are just a few condensed pointers to get small to medium sized business thinking about how to communicate both effectively and securely once they do adopt branded social media outreach:

  • Be clear with your product messages; say what it is that you really offer.
  • Online audiences are global i.e. they are NOT regional, so keep messages international wherever possible.
  • Showcase important events — just like an individual might update their social media status with planned holidays or pictures taken on a trip, create an online persona for your brand and tell customers and industry where your business will be active at conferences, exhibitions or other events over the coming weeks.
  • Engage and interact — social media is not one-way traffic, you can not promote your own brand if you refuse to participate in wider discussion matters relating to industry, the world and even individual human beings.


The four-PPPP factor in social media

Above all, be persuasive and positive but always patient and persistent. If your business is the new kid on the social media block then it will take time to make friends, exactly like it does in the real world.

Just remember to ignore the bullies, they are most likely producing worthless content or they represent a data security risk, or both.