It’s really great to see so much open discussion going on about cloud computing and its impact on the small to medium sized business marketplace. From the IT industry technical press, through to the business-technical and onward to the mainstream media that we turn to all the time, the impact of cloud efficiency and usefulness is becoming clearer to all.

With the subject of cloud security protection and risks of cloud malware being better understood with each passing day, firms are working out how they can keep specified portions of their IT in-house and use what is being called the more “dynamic, orchestrated and automated” functions of cloud computing to their benefit where relevant.

Analyst firm Freeform Dynamics writes on Computer Weekly this past February detailing the role that both private and public cloud services can play today for the typical SMB.

The single key takeaway here is that cloud computing is not a complete solution for the SMB market , but  when deployed as part of an overall solution, within a total small business management environment the SMB owner can see computing gains  With a real ROI.

The other important element (OK I know I said single takeaway, but this is also important) is that SMBs can potentially consolidate and reduce the bewildering array of choice that can seem to exist when it comes to managing applications and security as a whole. Cloud computing offers suites of “pre-integrated application services” and, combined with cloud protection such as AVG ® CloudCare™ this can make centralized IT management work better than ever.

Better managed companies work to produce better profit results, it is simple mathematics and straightforward business sense.