Any managed services provider (MSP) worth their salt understands how moving to a virtualized infrastructure can help maximize server efficiencies and keep costs to a minimum when managing their customers’ IT systems.  As customer IT departments come under increasing pressure to manage an ever more diverse technical environment that includes cloud-based applications and mobile devices, how can MSPs help them adopt a virtualization strategy without adding more risk or complexity for hard-pressed in-house resources to worry about?

The Hyper-V Service Module®, released this week, goes some way towards addressing this issue by bringing Microsoft virtual environments under the control of the AVG Managed Workplace® toolset for the first time. With Hyper-V you get the same pro-active management and common interfaces familiar to the physical infrastructure available within a virtual environment.

Hyper-V adds considerable value to our services capability as we continue to turn AVG Managed Workplace into resellers’ and MSPs’ platform of choice for delivering Cloud-based IT services. Among the benefits are:

  • Pro-active monitoring - Create alerts based on user-defined triggers, such as memory utilization, to highlight when the customer Hyper-V environments require attention.
  • Automation of administration tasks -Minimize day to day administration using scripted automation for repetitive administration tasks, such as software updates.
  • ‘Multi-site’ reporting - Report across entire customer Hyper-V estate to track performance and deliver consolidated management reports to customers.

Another cool thing about Hyper-V is that, in addition to servers, MSPs can quickly and easily create virtual desktops too to help them manage the systems of smaller business customers.

The Hyper-V Service Module gives current AVG Managed Workplace partners the ability to monitor and manage Hyper-V infrastructure deployments across their entire customer base from within a single dashboard within AVG Managed Workplace. Additionally it will allow MSPs to show the value they can add to new prospects by identifying how the virtual infrastructure can help address system resource or continuity needs.

MSPs that deploy AVG Managed Workplace will have the Hyper-V Service Module included as an additional capability as part of their overall AVG Managed Workplace subscription at no additional cost.

For end customers running a Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environment, AVG Managed Workplace can make remote management of their business even more efficient, for example it could prevent customer sites from unnecessary downtime as it will pro-actively trigger alerts when virtual resources come under pressure when pre-set thresholds on key performance indicators are exceeded.

In summary, the addition of support for Hyper-V virtual environments further enhances the wide range of straightforward productivity benefits already available to MSPs who use AVG Managed Workplace to remotely manage the IT of their entire customer-base through the same, single pane of glass.