SMB specialist website Entrepreneur Country has released the results from the interactive surveys conducted during their ACCELERATE Forum at the Royal Institution of Great Britain last October.

The event saw 361 entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals attend the ACCELERATE Forum. With keynote speeches from Julie Meyer, Lloyd Dorfman, Tim Levene, Austin Healey, Tim Leeson, Martyn Dawes, Will King, Kevin Godlington and James Caan; the event was an opportunity for entrepreneurs present and future to share inspiration, insight and opinion.

During the event, attendees were invited to vote via the iPod Touches which they were provided. The questions were designed by the Entrepreneur Country editorial team to include topical issues which are impacting SMEs in the UK.

Below are some of the results:


Importantly, of the 361 people polled, most respondents thought social media to be the most important growth sector for small businesses in the next five years.

This was supported by a vote on innovation where the majority of people polled claimed that digital innovation would be the most significant area for innovation over the next three years.

Focus then turned to the economy and the impact of the downturn on entrepreneurial spirit and the forecast for small businesses. Surprisingly the responses were largely positive with only 31% of people saying they think the state of the economy is making life harder for start-ups.

And lastly, there was a positive note for any young entrepreneurs when over half of the attendees at the ACCELERATE Forum divulged that they were 35 or younger when they started their current company. It can be done!


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