Is your business fighting fit and mission ready?

If not then don’t hesitate to sign up for our SMB BootCamp. We believe that every business needs to get their IT security up to scratch.

Can you afford to have a data breach and lose confidential information of a partner, supplier or customer?

So it’s time to get mission-ready now.

No one knows what the next cybercrime threat will be. The same applies to opportunities. When the next tender asks you to detail the measures you have in place to protect your clients, you need to have all the answers.


Sign up to the FREE AVG BootCamp now and you will have the answers.

  • Comprehensive, but simple. (And it’s FREE)
    From people policy, to data protection and everything in-between. The BootCamp programme can be completed in as little as eight weeks.
  • Each week we will send you the next step encouraging you to complete that stage of the SMB BootCamp. Because it is delivered in digestible, non-technical bite-sized chunks it’s a program that even the busiest teams can complete without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

AVG BootCamp covers these areas:

1.  Analyse your business

2.  Understand the threat landscape

3.  The threat within – employees

4.  Hardware

5.  Cloud

6.  Mobile

7.  Social Media

8.  Create your own security policy


Eight self-help modules structured to systematically deliver protection education, security assessment and the knowledge to help you secure your business.

Complete the course and you win more than just professional peace of mind you will also be able to secure the trust of your more demanding clients.

How ‘Mission ready’ are you?


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