So here’s the thing. Most people and business owners are aware that Internet security is important and if it is compromised can have very damaging effects.


While people often think of the negative and what a security breach may cost you, on the flip side, having a well thought out security policy, will make you a more attractive business partner for a bigger organization.


Small businesses are targeted by cyber criminals to act as a Trojan Horse into larger organizations. So don’t be surprised if you are asked to detail the measures you have in place to protect your customers. If you have the answers and systems in place, you’re in a better position than your competitors!


AVG can help you get to that position of strength through our SMB BootCamp.


Our SMB BootCamp is eight weekly themed installments, each with a short, multiple-choice questionnaire that must be completed correctly in order to qualify for the next stage.


The eight themes are:

• Analyze your business

• Understand the threat landscape

• The threat within – employees

• Hardware

• Cloud

• Mobile

• Social Media

• Create your own security policy


US-based SMB consultant and thought-leader Laurie McCabe thinks.


“The truth is the vast majority of SMBs only truly understand the total devastation of IT a security breach can cause after they’ve had one.


“Even though they hear about the massive losses that other companies suffer – in time, money, customers and brand – too often they don’t put IT security measures in place until they’ve been hit themselves because they think they will be too expensive or complicated.


“Solutions such as AVG’s SMB BootCamp give small business owners a simple and cost-effective way to proactively tackle and control security challenges.”


If you are a business owner or partner in charge of your businesses security policy, we encourage you to follow the security procedures in AVG’s SMB BootCamp. If you complete our SMB BootCamp successfully you can download a badge that shows you’ve successfully completed the course and which you can display to demonstrate to all your customers that you are working hard to protect them.


If you haven’t signed up yet, then do so now. The program is delivered in digestible, non-technical bite-sized chunks that even the busiest people can complete without disrupting their day-to-day operations.


What are you waiting for?! Get your business mission ready right now!


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